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Oracle R12 Human Capital Management (Certified Implementation Specialist)

Read More Uzma Ilyas Lahore

Student Review

Read More Uzma Ilyas Lahore

The Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 Human Capital Management (HCM) Specialization is for individuals focused on selling and implementing EBS Human Capital Management modules. The Specialization will include such topics as: Core HR, Irecriutment, Self Service HR (SSHR), Talent Management, Learning Management and Payroll. The exam targets the intermediate-level implementation team members. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.

Course Objectives

R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers

  • Navigate within R12.1 Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Understand conceptually the major architectural components of R12.1 Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Describe basic concepts of R12.1 Oracle System Administration
  • Define key and descriptive Flex fields
  • Identify shared entities across R12.1 Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Describe features and benefits of Multiple Organization Access Control (MOAC)
  • Create Oracle Alerts and test a Periodic Alert
  • Learn the key features and benefits of R12.1 Oracle Workflow
  • Understand basic features of Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Applications

R12 Oracle HRMS Compensation Workbench and Salary Configuration

  • Identify the compensation management tools that Oracle HRMS provides and explain their features and benefit
  • Identify salary components, salary basis, and salary elements
  • Demonstrate how to administer salary changes
  • Demonstrate how to enter and maintain compensation survey data
  • Learn how to set up grade rates, pay scales, and scale rates
  • Understand the grade/step progression business process
  • Demonstrate how to set up grade ladders and run the concurrent processes that manage grade/step
  • Demonstrate how to implement Compensation Workbench and determine and allocate compensation awards
  • Understand what Individual Compensation Distributions (ICD) is and the benefits of using it
  • Demonstrate how to record company and private vehicles in the vehicle repository
  • Describe how to allocate vehicles to employees
  • Learn how to set up absence types and elements
  • Describe how to define and configure accrual plans appropriate to your enterprise
  • Demonstrate how to view and analyze employee accruals
  • Configure total compensation statement
  • Configure criteria based rates

R12 Oracle HRMS iRecruitment Fundamentals

  • Progress applications and manage offers to applicants
  • Generate recruitment letters and reports for analysis
  • Identify the benefits of using iRecruitment
  • Identify different types of iRecruitment users
  • Understand how iRecruitment security works
  • Perform the setup, functional, and post install steps
  • Understand the Recruitment cycle and where iRecruitment fits into it
  • Understand approval rules in iRecruitment
  • Configure iRecruitment site to suit business requirements
  • Create assessments for registration and job application processes
  • Create common job descriptions
  • Create and manage vacancies in iRecruitment
  • Use the site visitor functionality
  • Register in iRecruitment and use registered user functionality
  • Apply for jobs and complete job application test
  • Process candidates

R12 Oracle HRMS People Management Fundamentals

  • Recognize the different interfaces for which you can enter and maintain people information
  • Recognize Self-Service HR capabilities
  • Describe person types
  • Identify components of the assignment
  • Describe collective agreements
  • Describe HRMS and HRMSi workforce reports
  • Demonstrate how to manage assignments
  • Demonstrate how to enter disability information
  • Describe how to terminate a person
  • Demonstrate how to transfer employees
  • Demonstrate how to create people records
  • Describe the key workforce concepts in Oracle HRMS
  • Identify the different workers in your enterprise
  • Understand how to represent your workforce using Oracle HRMS

R12 Oracle HRMS Total Compensation Foundations

  • Use the Total Compensation Framework to manage compensation and benefits for your enterprise
  • Define elements to store compensation and benefits data
  • Enter elements in batch
  • Control eligibility through participant eligibility profiles
  • Calculate derived factors, such as age or length of service, for use in participant eligibility profiles
  • Structure your compensation and benefits offerings in Oracle HRMS
  • Define compensation objects: programs, plan types, plans, and options
  • Link participant eligibility profiles to compensation objects
  • Define standard activity rates to calculate earnings and deductions and absence accruals
  • Attach elements to standard rates
  • Vary a standard activity rate by defining a variable rate
  • Define the data elements and layout of a system extract
  • Process a system extract

R12 Oracle HRMS Work Structures Fundamentals

  • Recognize different types of enterprise business models
  • Represent the different enterprise business models in Oracle HRMS
  • Identify the work structure components and their usage
  • Define the unique structure of business entities such as jobs, positions, and grades
  • Create business groups, locations, and organizations
  • Set up organization hierarchies
  • Represent the financial reporting structures
  • Automatically create HR Organizations based on GL Account Combinations
  • Represent legal and government reporting structures
  • Define organization information for government mandated reporting
  • Define jobs and positions
  • Define and change position hierarchies
  • Setup Checklists
  • Setup workers compensation

R12 Payroll Fundamentals: Earnings and Deductions

  • Define and administer wage attachments
  • Use predefined earnings types
  • Set up pension providers, types, and schemes
  • Understand the role of payroll balances, and define new balances and balance feeds
  • Provide knowledge of setting up payroll earnings and deductions in an organization
  • Define deferred compensation plans and tax sheltered annuities
  • Write or configure simple payroll processing formulas
  • Set up and use catch-up provisions
  • Set up union deductions and professional body membership deductions
  • Set up enhanced RetroPay
  • Run the Union Deductions report
  • Learn to use element design wizard
  • Manage Arrears
  • Set up third party payment methods

R12 Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global)

  • R12 Payroll Configuration - Introduction
  • Payroll Configuration Fundamentals
  • Defining Payrolls for Your Organization
  • Maintaining PAYE and NI
  • Maintaining Other Deductions
  • Costing Overview
  • Processing Costs
  • R12 Payroll Configuration Fundamentals - Summary


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Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12
Human Capital Management Essentials


Oracle R12.2.4

$ 150


Student Review

Read More Uzma Ilyas Lahore
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Course Oracle R12 Human Capital Management (Certified Implementation Specialist)
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Course Oracle R12 Human Capital Management (Certified Implementation Specialist)
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